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At Omni Equipment & Rentals it is our main goal to provide our customers with sufficient and prompt service. We not only guarantee the on time delivery of our top of the line equipment but, will provide a formal assurance that anything related to our products or services will be fulfilled to its fullest.

About Us


Omni Equipment & Rentals is locally owned and operated in West Texas making us more accustomed to the demand of the local economy.


Look at our results from any angle, and you’ll see Omni Equipment & Rentals, Inc. is a source of real quality. We are continually pushing ourselves and our staff to raise the bar of how we define our aspect.


At Omni Equipment & Rentals, Inc. we stand by our word. It is our promise that you can remain content and satisfied in every correspondence with us.


While Omni Equipment & Rentals Inc. is always striving to improve, we have never lost sight of our

"good old-fashioned" values. You will find the nature of our staff to be friendly, responsive, and sufficient.

Our Value

  • Impeccable Record

  • Reliable On Site Service

  • 24 hour delivery

  • Top of the Line Equipment

  • Specialized Services